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Discount for the First 100 Sales

Items already sold: 100

Price after discount: $99.00

Note: Please note that this discount will be in effect untill 100 items are sold. After 100 items are sold, the System to Dramtiacally Lower Dropout Ratio Online Training will be available at the regular price.



Regular Price

The regular price: $129.00

Note: Please note that this is the regular price and will be in effect after 100 online training courses are sold.



system training package includes:

  • two-hour training video: featuring detailed introduction to the system and real-life cases
  • summary cards: a brief summary of the system to help you quickly remind yourself of all the system's rules
  • psychotherapy guide form: will guide you as if you were guided by the system coach herself

Refund Policy

We understand that the training we've created for you may not be what you have been looking for. Therefore you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase - please look here for more details.

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