Iga Borkowska

Iga Borkowska was born in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at the University of Warsaw, Poland where she obtained her master's degree in Psychology. She has also finished a four years specialized psychotherapy training program at “MABOR” Psychological and Medical Center – a program endorsed by the Psychotherapy Group of Polish Psychiatric Society.

She gained experience and mastered her professional skills practicing psychotherapy at the Masovian Center of Neuropsychiatry Hospital, the Family Therapy Department at the University of Warsaw and various social services institutions like orphanages, emergency shelters for homeless pregnant and parenting young women and therapeutic day care centers for children. Since 2013 she has had her own private psychotherapy practice.

She specializes in cognitive-behavioral and systemic types of psychotherapy. Her main areas of scientific research and professional development are: psychotherapy dropout, neurosis and family therapy.

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